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Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 08:00 - 11:00PM
XII Festival Medieval de Elvas
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 08:00 - 07:00PM
Exposição Santo António Padroeiro
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 08:00 - 05:00PM
Férias Ativas
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 10:00 - 06:00PM
"A sedução de uma vírgula bem colocada - The pull of a well placed comma"
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 21:00 - 11:00PM
Cinema em junho

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Plano Adopção de Animais



1 - The municipal assembly has to:

a) Elect, by secret ballot, the chairman and the two secretaries;

b) Prepare and approve its own rules;

c) Monitor and supervise the activity of the city hall and municipal services;

d) Follow up, on the basis of useful information from the city hall, previously provided, the activity of this and the their results, in the associations and federations of municipalities, companies, cooperatives, foundations or other entities in which the municipality holds a participation in the respective social capital or equivalent;

e) Consider, at each of its ordinary sessions, a written information by the president of the city hall about the municipality's activity as well as the financial situation of the same, which information should be sent to the President of the Assembly five days before the beginning so as it can make part of the respective agenda;

f) Request and receive information on issues of interest to the municipality and on the implementation of previous resolutions, which can be requested by any member at any time;

g) Know and comment on the final reports, resulting from actions or guardianship of audits carried out on the activity of municipal bodies and services;

h) Decide on the establishment of delegations, committees or working groups to study the problems related to proper attribution of the city hall, without interference in the functioning and normal activity of it;

i) Vote censure motions on the town hall, in the evaluation of action developed by the itself or any of its members;

j) Discuss, at the request of any holders on the right to object, the report referred to the Estatuto do Direito de Oposição;

l) Prepare and approve, according to the law, the regulation of the safety municipal council ;

m) Take position on central government authorities on matters of interest to the municipality;

n) Deciding on appeals marking unjustified absences to their members;

o) Advise and decide on matters intended for the pursuit of the local authority functions;

p) Exercise such other powers according to the law.


2 - The municipal assembly, in terms of regulations and organization and operation, under proposal by the city hall, has to:

a) Adopt postures and regulations;

b) Approve the planning options and the budget proposal as well as the respective reviews;

c) Consider the activity report and the accountability documents;

d) Approve or authorize the contracting loans according to the law;

e) Establish, according to the law, municipal taxes and set the respective quantitative;

f) Annually fix the fee amount of council tax levied on urban buildings, and authorize the release of taxes (“derramas”) to reinforce the financial capacity or in the award of financial balance of contracts according with the law;

g) Advise, within the legal term, on the recognition, by the Government, of tax benefits under tax whose revenue accrues exclusively to municipalities;

h) Resolve in all that represents the exercise of taxing powers granted by law to the municipality;

i) Authorize the Town Hall to acquire, dispose of or encumber value of real estate more than 1000 times the index 100 of the careers of the general scheme of the remuneration of the public service system, establishing the respective general conditions and may determine in particular the way of auction public as well as goods or artistic values ​​of the city, regardless of its value, without prejudice to paragraph no. 9 of article 64;

j) Determine the remuneration of members of the board of municipal services;

l) Municipalize services, authorize the municipality, according to the law, to create municipal corporations and foundations and to approve the respective statutes, as well as creating and participating in all or the majority state-owned companies, setting the general conditions of participation;

m) Authorize the municipality, according to the law, to integrate in associations and federations of municipalities, to join with other public, private or cooperatives and to create or participate in private companies of municipal, pursuing an objective of recognized local public interest and contain within the tasks entrusted to municipalities, in either case setting the general conditions thereof;

n) Approve, according to the law, the creation or reorganization of municipal services;

o) Approve the establishment plans of the various departments of the municipality, according to the law;

p) Approve incentives for the settlement of employees, according to the law;

q) Authorize, according to the law, the city council to grant concessions, by public tender, the exploitation of public works and services, establishing the respective general conditions;

r) Determine the annual public holiday in the town;

s) Authorize the Town Hall to delegate own powers, particularly as regards investments in the parish councils;

t) Establish, after the Commission of Heraldry of the Association of Portuguese Archaeologists, the constitution of the coat of arms, seal and municipal flag and arrange for its publication in Diário da República.


3 - It is still the responsibility of the municipal assembly, in planning, under proposal or request for authorization by the town hall:

a) Approve the necessary plans for the holding of municipal duties;

b) Approve measures, rules, boundaries and other acts within the framework of spatial planning and urban development schemes, according to the law.


4 - It is also responsibility of the municipal assembly, under proposal from the town hall, to:

a) Decide on the establishment and the right institution of the body of municipal police, and according to the powers provided by law;

b) Deciding on the allocation or disaffection of the municipal public property under the terms and conditions provided for by law;

c) Decide on the establishment of the local council of education, according to the law;

d) Authorize the town twinning with other municipalities or similar entities in other countries;

e) Authorize the boards of directors of municipal services to decide on the granting of financial aid, or other, to legally constituted institutions by its employees, relating to the development of cultural, recreational and sports activities, as well as subsidies for legally existing institutions, created or participated by municipal services or created by its staff, for granting social benefits to them and their respective families.

5 - The supervisory action mentioned in paragraph c) in no. 1 consists of an assessment, case by case and later to the respective practice, of acts of the City Hall.


6 - The proposal submitted by the town hall referring to points b), c), i) and n) of paragraph no. 2 cannot be changed by the municipal assembly and lacks the proper justification when rejected, however the town hall can accept suggestions made by the municipal assembly.


7 - Requests for permission to contract loans to be submitted by the City Council, in accordance with subparagraph d) of no. 2, will be obligatorily accompanied by information on the conditions applied in at least by three credit institutions, as well as the map statement of municipal borrowing capacity.


8 - When necessary for the efficient exercise of its jurisdiction, the municipal assembly has, under the orientation of the respective president, a group   composed of municipal employees, mentioned by the mayor without prejudice to the powers of management that fit in.

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