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Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 08:00 - 11:00PM
XII Festival Medieval de Elvas
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 08:00 - 07:00PM
Exposição Santo António Padroeiro
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 08:00 - 05:00PM
Férias Ativas
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 10:00 - 06:00PM
"A sedução de uma vírgula bem colocada - The pull of a well placed comma"
Wed Jun 20, 2018 | horas: 21:00 - 11:00PM
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A door to Europe

Elvas is almost ancient: in 1513, with the King Manuel I, became a city. Since then has been able to combine its very special identity with the fruitful relations with the rest of Europe. In particular with his neighbour Spain.

The uniqueness of this county lies in its border location in its mild climate and intense landscape; its potential for tourism, scientific and commercial reception.

Its privileged relationship with various important centres of Spain and Portugal makes Elvas as one of the most important cross-border centres and inter-regional relations in the Iberian context. A true Door to Europe.

The municipality of Elvas integrates the district of Portalegre. It has an area of 631km2 and about 25 000 inhabitants. The city of Elvas, seat of the Municipality has 11 parish councils: Ajuda, Salvador e Santo Ildefonso, Alcáçova, Assunção, Caia e São Pedro in the urban perimeter, Barbacena, São Brás e São Lourenço, São Vicente e Ventosa, Santa Eulalia, Terrugem Vila Vila Boim e Vila Fernando in a rural area.

Limits of the county: the municipality of  Arronches in the north, the municipality of Campo Maior in the Northeast; the Caia and Guadiana rivers to the east; the municipalities of Vila Viçosa, Borba and Alandroal in the South and the west municipality of Monforte.

Border zone: only 8 kilometres far away from the cities of Badajoz and Elvas.

- Wellness

The health and physical well-being are inseparable from physical activities, sports and leisure. The city and county of Elvas have excellent equipment for the service of the people and companies: Athletic Stadium, Gimno-sports, Swimming Pools, Sports Centres in the rural districts and neighbourhoods, Equestrian Centre, Tennis Complex.

- Living Culture

Traditional culture is still present in contemporary living: the originality of the craft and gastronomy, the strength of the festive and religious events.

Moreover, in its museums Elvas still be able to preserve the texture of the story, whether ethnography, military activity or sacred art - Military Museum at Santa Luzia Fort, Military Museum and the future Museum of Sacred Art. Art as testimony of the man and his achievements.

The memory of the most recent heritage is also taken care of - Municipal Museum of Photography. And, in this, Elvas know how to position itself in the ways of the future - recovery and adaptation of the Municipal Library to the National Network of Public Libraries and the Convent of São Francisco into Municipal Historical Archive, and not forgetting the Museum of Contemporary Art, which has the mission to raise the cultural offer of the city, put it on the shaft of affirmation of the most dynamic manifestations of today's established regional and cross-border, national and international dialogue that art and culture today require.

The cultural promotion at Casa da Cultura is one of its most significant exponents.

The recently opened Coliseu Comendador Rondão Almeida, a place with enormous cultural component, from the musical culture, bullfighting culture or through various sports.

- Where is good to live and work

Especially designed centre for the development of corporate investments in various fields, Elvas also offers other features especially engaging: a rich natural, cultural and architectural heritage and high environmental standards (one of the regions with better environmental quality in Europe), and a set of sporting, social and cultural areas activities and equipment in particularly suited to healthy and culturally enriching experience both for residents and for all those who visit or choose to settle here.

Mastering the flatness of the valleys loosing Caia and Guadiana rivers, Elvas presents its visitors some of the most imposing symbols of its history: the seventeenth-century walls, strengthened by the Graça and Santa Luzia Fortresses and the extraordinary work of art as the Aqueduct.

The Historical Centre – City-museum of fortifications from different times, with its castle and remains of The Arabic and Fernandinas Walls - outlined in an urban network built over centuries, folk houses and convents, palaces, mansions and a multitude of churches.


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